Track Information at Motoland

Below you will find some information on our track


Appropriate riding gear is required in order to ride the track(s) at Motoland. Helmet, boots, leather pant, jersey are a must. We highly recommend eye protection, kidney belt, gloves and chest protector. 


Spectating at Motoland is a sport in itself. We have 3 spectator decks that put you at track level ensuring you do not miss a minute of all the action. We also have a VIP deck and announcers tower for race days. 

The Track

The soil at Motoland is a sandy loam that riders have referred to as "perfect". Motoland is a NATURAL SAND track. 

Watering System

Our watering system is unmatched by any other track in the country. We have a 6" water main running throughout the property that was installed by the US Army. The watering system was redesigned in 2013. We can put 3,000 per minute down. The track is prepped to perfection everytime we open our gates.
Track Rules

1. Mind your flagers

2. No jumping on yellow

3. Pets must be leashed

4. No fireworks

5. No swimming

6. No pit riding

7. Clean up your campsite

8. Put trash in reciptical

  • Restrooms
  • On-Site Parking
  • Camping
  • Consession Stands
Things to Note
Indiana does have its share of sun and mosquitos in the summer, so be sure to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and plenty of water. We do have consessions, and there are plenty of local stores and gas stations for all other supplies.