Our Story

How we became a Nationally Acclaimed MX Track

Motoland is an open riding track located in Northwest Indiana. We did the racing thing now we do the riding thing and we do it pretty darn good. At Motoland we boast a ride til you puke mentality. You actually get more riding in a day at Motoland than you can anywhere else.  We are a bikes only track. 65CC and up on the big track. We also have a pee-wee track. 50cc only. 

A typical day at Motoland goes like this:

You will ride track 1 for 20 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes  then you will ride track 2 for 20 minutes rest for 20 minutes etc.....

Pee Wee track is open the entire day. Riders must be accompanied by an adult. 

Since our training sessions are based on a five hour day you will ride 2 hours and 40 minutes on a pro level track. Each track is larger than most all outdoor pro tracks on its own. The track (s) at Motoland will not only test you physically they will also test you mentally. Just ask. 


Designed by Rick & Richard Hollaway.  Built in 15 months with a whole lot of help from the entire family and countless friends.